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Did We Come From Mars?

I saw an article come across my Fox News app today titled “Was There a Nuclear Blast on Mars?“. The article mainly discussed how there’s a spot on Mars that emits a vast amount of radioactive material and that many radioactive isotopes exist in the Martian atmosphere and dirt due to a nuclear explosion. The article goes on to say how this was a natural explosion that occurred from within the Martian planet and something like this may have happened on Earth a long time ago. They also claim the planets’ red color as a result of this nuclear explosion.

Now you may be wondering why the title of the article alludes we came from Mars if this was a natural explosion?

What if it wasn’t? Did I just blow your mind? Let me elaborate.

Dr. John Brandenberg is a senior propulsion scientist at Orbital Technologies Corp. He says that “a nuclear explosion could have sent debris all around the planet”. Mars’ surface is covered with a thin layer of uranium, thorium, and radioactive potassium. Brandenberg believes that these elements are radiated from two “natural hotspots” on either side of the red planet. He may be right, but lets take another path.

What if this nuclear explosion was caused by “humans”? Not Earth-born species, but rather beings from the dusty red planet itself?

Still following me?

There are many resources out there to suggest that Mars may have once had free-flowing water, a cleaner atmosphere, and perhaps even life. There are even many who suggest there are monuments and things that were left behind from an old civilization. What if this nuclear explosion was caused by a great nuclear war during the climax of some sort of civil upheaval? This war would be so great that only rubble and dust remain, save for a few small monuments that managed to escape total annihilation. Did a couple people, maybe the most intelligent of their time, get the pardon of escaping to find refuge on the third rock from the sun?

Earth-like Mars? Possible?

Is the dusty red terrain of the Martian surface a stark warning of a future fate of planet Earth? Are we doomed to repeat ourselves? Maybe if time allows and government cover-ups don’t get in the way, we will find evidence of a past Earth-like Mars and artifacts left behind from a world shattered by the same destructive harbingers of war that we possess in secret stockpiles around the globe.

Where do we go from here? Did we develop this weaponry too early in our civilization? We are not advanced enough to find refuge on another planet, yet we are powerful enough to destroy our own. I only hope we can do something before it’s too late.

We should focus our technology toward advancing ourselves, not destroying ourselves. If we ever make it to Andromeda, I sure hope they are smarter than we were.

RIP fourth rock from the sun. I’m sure you were amazing.

One small step for nuclear disarmament. One giant leap for mankind.

Sources: http://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2011/04/01/natural-nuclear-blast-mars/

Search “Artifacts on Mars” on You-Tube.


One response

  1. Watch “Ghosts of Mars” and you will find all your questions answered, my friend.

    April 2, 2011 at 6:05 pm

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